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Venamour is a stationery studio specializing in semi-custom ephemera for weddings and festive events.


Venamour first forayed into the world of wedding papers in 2012, attending to the design needs of dear friends, newly engaged. Officially launching online in 2014 with several collections of semi-custom ephemera, Venamour introduced a novel, design-forward aesthetic into the realm of wedding paper. Ever since, Venamour has been devoted to the design of celebratory and symbolic communications, recently adding design partnerships with iconic brands into the mix.

Venamour’s Creative Director, Lisa Hedge, found a love for working with materials that began with an early passion for drawing. A degree in fine arts enabled Lisa to develop her dual interests in studio arts and graphic design concurrently, and she found a penchant for creative image-making somewhere in-between the two disciplines. Alongside Venamour, she is a partner in the branding agency Ensemble Studio. Venamour has immense gratitude for our key collaborators over the years, including Scottie Cameron, Vanessa Saba, Shift Lab, and Studio Rodrigo, each of whom have enabled the Venamour vision and enriched it with their unique expertise.


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Venamour has been published in a variety of local and international publications, including a generous profile in Gestalten's 2017 book You're Invited, along with interview and features in New York Magazine, Kinfolk Magazine, The Cut, Vogue, GOOP, and others.


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