Angela & Matt


We were smitten with Australian lovebirds Angela and Matt, and personalized a suite of Botanical Collection papers on soft grey tones for their wedding announcements. Hello May recounts the endearing memories of this twosome and shares a series of photographs framed artistically by photographer Leo Farrell. We've shared an excerpt below along with some of our favorite photographs from the occasion, Victorian-esque simplicity blended with velvety colored blooms. 


The Wedding –

Matt took Angela by complete surprise when he proposed on her 30th birthday. After a night of pre-birthday celebrations with family and friends, Angela woke up to Matt insisting they go for breakfast. On their walk to the cafe, Matt suggested they go down the street he was living on when they first started going out.

“Hungover, hungry, and sans-coffee I declined. Matt persisted and as we walked past the place where we met for our first date (nearly 9 years earlier) he knelt and proposed! I cried and accepted! Then, in true Melbourne style, we celebrated over breakfast and coffee.”

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