Blue Hill Clandestine


While the Viridian Collection was initially devised for a post-wedding bash at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago for the wedding of Erica Cerulo (Of A Kind) and her beau Thomas Hauner, the artful suite of papers took on new shape for an elegant affair at Blue Hill orchestrated by Francesca Events. With her sharp visual sensibilities and eye for design, Alex envisioned a dramatic combination of wandering vines and cascading wreaths entangled with stately neoclassic letterforms and polished typographic details. A wedding at Blue Hill seemed the perfect culinary fit for the groom Samuel Kass, former white house chef, and with the Obama's on the guestlist, we liked to imagine that our Viridian floral invitation was pinned to Michelle's refrigerator for a moment in time.   

Photograph via by Norman Jean Roy

Photograph via by Norman Jean Roy


Here's an excerpt from, anticipating their vows: 

"Sam Kass has the day off from cooking for the president, which is good news for his fiancée, Alex Wagner—and also for me, their guest for dinner. We’re at Kass’s duplex apartment in Washington’s Logan Circle, and Kass is slicing serrano peppers to go with collard greens while Wagner sets out cheese and olives and searches his bachelor’s refrigerator (champagne, mustard) for a bottle of rosé she remembers from her last visit. In about 30 minutes, a delicious meal is nearly ready: butterflied roast chicken with tarragon and preserved lemons, farro risotto with wild mushrooms and leeks, and a green salad with buttermilk dressing."

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