Our Approaches

There are several ways to engage our studio in a collaboration on your wedding papers. We have crafted three approaches, each inspired by the desire to offer our work to meet an array of customization expectations and wedding paper budgets. Our three approaches are: Collection, Signature, & Bespoke.

Semi-Custom or Custom

We offer three approaches because our old descriptions of semi-custom or custom just didn't cover the range of ways in which we're able to work with our clients. Both our Collection and our Signature approaches are technically semi-custom, with differing degrees of customization, and work well for those who have their eye on something particular from the get-go. Our Bespoke approach is a fully custom route, entailing an exploratory creative process without any established visual guidelines at the outset. 


Venamour Collection

The personalization of a preexisting floral design from our catalog. All text details are designed on the back of the card in traditional and simple arrangements in one of two gorgeous fonts based on your preference. 


Venamour Signature

Customized designs based on your selections from a curated set of elements. Select a layout and typographic style and review several options for how these selections come together during the design customization process.


Venamour Bespoke

Uniquely art directed designs inspired by your vision and developed through an exploratory process where a multitude of possibilities are considered alongside inspiring visuals, typography studies, and more, ensuring one of a kind results.