A Guide to Engaging Our Studio
for Your Wedding:



Explore Possibilities & Get in Touch

We design for a wide range of celebratory moments and occasions, tending to the big picture vision with an eye for the smallest of details. In considering an engagement with our studio, a good place to begin is to explore our lookbooks for visual inspiration and discover the range of the Venamour aesthetic. This is a good time to also begin to pin down a few essential pieces of information that will guide our initial conversations. When getting in touch, it's ideal to have a loose sense of the range of items that you're interested in, along with approximate quantities based on your anticipated headcount, and some initial thoughts regarding design. We look forward to hearing from you!


Save the Dates
Invitations / Both a la carte (Digital RSVP) and full Suites (with Reply Cards)
Invitation Suite Extras: Details Cards (Itineraries, Websites, Maps, etc.)
Menus, Programs, Escort & Place Cards, Event Signage, Table Numbers
Thank You Cards, Personal Stationery



Timing Considerations

All of our collaborations span roughly eight weeks, and we schedule reservations in line with calendar months. Our initial discussions are a fun opportunity for us to learn about your wedding plans and ideas for design, but we first like to ensure our availability in respect to your timing goals before delving into design discussions. As a boutique studio, we are only able to accommodate a few clients at any given time, so we like to make sure we're addressing this logistical detail early on.


Discuss Design Vision

In our initial discussions, we would like to determine your vision for design and whether our semi-custom or fully custom workflow would apply. Our semi-custom approach involves the customization of any of our pre-existing design, and is well suited for those who spot something in one of our lookbooks that feels just right for their event.

Our fully custom route involves enlisting our studio to concept a point of view for the aesthetic of your wedding papers that's true to your personality as a couple and the wedding that you're planning. This exploratory approach involves reviewing a breadth of designs that align with the established art direction and reflect the tone of your wedding. We will discuss paper hues, weights, textures, finishes, printing methods, and more as we fine tune the details and consider the nuance of every subtlety to ensure a stunning suite of ephemera worth treasuring.

Both routes have different fees entailed, and we can begin to share price lists that align with your interests.


Discuss Pricing, Materials,
Printing Approaches,
and a Selection of Items

Our price list will give you a sense of our design fees and estimated print production costs. Once you've had a chance to review this information and determine whether the general prices align with your budget, we can begin to identify a comprehensive list of the items you would like us to include in your proposal and custom quote. The price list also outlines ranges for printing fees, so this is a good moment to discuss materials and printing methods to give you a better sense of anticipated printing costs. If you would like to set up an in-person consultation at this stage to review samples and materials in person, we welcome appointments at our Brooklyn-based studio.


Flat Printing (Smooth finish, crisp digital prints)
Fine Printing (Letterpress, Foil Stamping, Embossing)


Review Proposal & Custom Quote

Once we have a complete list of the items that you're interested in and a solid idea of your timeline targets, we will work on a custom proposal. The proposal will include a breakdown of the items we have discussed along with corresponding design fees and printing estimates. The print production fee estimates in our proposal will be more focused than those in our general price list, as they will be specific to your quantities and ideal printing methods. The proposal will also outline a schedule, ensuring that your timing targets are met. 


Confirmation and Securing Your Reservation

After reviewing our proposal, if you would like to move forward we will issue an invoice, fulfillment of which will secure our availability for the collaboration. 


Content Preparation

(During the two weeks prior to your reservation window)

In the weeks approaching your reservation, we will work together to determine wording, text, addresses, and more, to ensure that we have all the details we need for the design process. We will supply you with wording examples, spreadsheets for addresses, and content forms to guide you in the creation of the text for your designs. 



The first month of your reservation window is devoted to the design process. For semi-custom collaborations, we will be personalizing your selected designs with your unique details. We will present a focused presentation containing your customized pieces, with several subtle variations on text arrangements and styles. We will work through any modifications and revisions until everything is perfect and ready to be approved for print. 

For fully custom collaborations, we will look at several exploratory presentations prior to looking at specific designs, allowing us to consider a range of options before focusing in on a unique point of view when it comes to color palettes, papers, typography, and more. 


Print Production and Delivery

Once the designs are approved and you have signed off on a digital proof, we will move things into print production. This process requires a minimum of four weeks, depending on your printing methods, and at the culmination of which we will deliver everything to you (or your wedding coordinator) individually packaged with care and ready to be assembled and mailed.


Prepare and Commence
Additional Phases

If your proposal includes items that span save the dates, invitations, and wedding day papers, we will schedule these items as separate phases, each with their own timelines. Once we've worked through the first phase, we will reconnect when we are ready to begin on the next set of papers in our collaboration. Each phase would essentially repeat the eight week collaboration, and we will consolidate work when possible depending on when you are able to finalize menus, program details, place card names, and so forth. 



If you'd like to begin the conversation, feel free to InquireYou're also welcome to browse our FAQS if you have additional questions and aren't quite ready to get in touch. Otherwise, we look forward to hearing from you and discussing our potential collaboration!

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